Baby Shower Ideas 2021

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to creating an amazing baby shower, here we have multiple examples of previous baby shower set ups. 

We stock a wide range of baby shower equipment to hire. Ranging from Baby Boxes in multiple colours, shimmer walls, flower walls, curtain backdrops, sweet carts, doughnut walls and much more.



We don't have set package prices, however we do create bespoke packages due to many customers having different ideas on how they want their baby shower.

Celebrating can still happen

With Corona Virus playing a huge part in 2020, rolling over to 2021, we have seen a huge increase in lockdown babies. Celebrating with a baby shower, or gender reveal is just as important as before covid-19 affected our lives.

Home set-ups are cost effective, affordable and allows you to enjoy your pregnancy just a little bit more. 

Our most popular baby shower set-ups always start with hiring a flower wall and or shimmer wall with a set of pink, blue, glitter or clear baby boxes.

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